Eco friendly products – environmental sustainability goals for 2020

Eco Friendly Products - We care about the environment image

Eco friendly products have become a big focus for many environmentally conscious shoppers. 2020 is a big year for Clior® in many ways, but one area we’re making huge strides forward on is our goal to become greener, remove plastic from our products and reduce our impact on the planet wherever possible.

Here are some of the highlights of the progress we’ve made so far.

100% bio-degradable packaging containers

This year, we went the extra mile to focus on our biggest issue – single use plastics! Whilst our previous supplement bottles used highly recyclable PET plastic material, we weren’t happy that this was still a single use plastic which could end up on landfill.

In 2020 Clior® became one of the first supplement brands to launch a 100% bio-degradable container. We’re introducing this new, plastic-free, bottle to all product ranges over time. In fact, our best selling products Advanced Turmeric & Piperine 3,000mg tablets and 5-in-1 ULTRA Joint Care+ tablets have already been upgraded to our new bio-degradable containers.

Our new eco-friendly supplement bottles break down in just 6 months when placed into compostable conditions, to become 100% natural elements – namely CO2, water and compost. A truly environmental-friendly alternative for nutraceutical & pharmaceutical packaging for the future.

Clearly environmental issues are important, but we also know our customers ultimately demand complete safety and quality of any packaging container that holds their supplements. So, we’ve got that covered too! Our containers are certified to ISO 15378 and ISO 9001, and are made to GMP standards. The bottles are stronger than PET plastic, and will last for years if stored room temperature and in dry conditions. As such, they only begin to breakdown once in compost conditions – ie. in a warm, moist, microorganism rich environment.

Check the label on your next Clior® product (just above the barcode) to see if it’s one of our new biodegradable pots. If it is, once you’ve finished with it, peel off the label and throw the bottle on to your compost pile to begin the natural process of breaking down the elements. Alternatively, the bottle will naturally break down if thrown into landfill too. Perfect!

We’re not stopping there. We’ll continue to focus on greener packaging. Later this year we’re working hard to develop a similar biodegradable plastic-alternative for our bottle lids/caps. Right now these are recyclable, but in future we hope to switch them our for compostable alternatives during the second half of 2020.

Goodbye shrink-wrap plastic

Hello recyclable cardboard.

In 2019 we removed 100% of our plastic shrink-wrap from all product ranges. Our products are now protected in simple, plastic-free, highly recyclable cardboard boxes.

Eco-friendly postal shipping boxes

Some eco-conscious customers gave us feedback that they weren’t keen on us using bubble-wrap in our shipping boxes. We’ve listened and made changes. We stopped using plastic post bags and bubble wrap in 2019. All orders are now shipped in simple, secure, cardboard boxes which are easily recycled in your green bin.

We don’t even use plastic tape to hold the box together! Instead, we use a clever folded structure to remove any need for plastic or other material. To secure the box, we use a small piece of un-coated adhesive paper.

More green initiatives

We’re constantly reviewing everything we do, to understand how we can reduce our impact on the environment. Here are just a few more examples of some of the recent changes we’ve made or have planned for 2020.

  • Our website servers are now powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Office waste recycling since 2018
  • We’re in the process of implementing the environmental management system ISO 14001 at our main tablet production facility
  • All products of our are made in the UK, reducing unnecessary global transport
  • Watch this space for more announcements coming soon.


Your feedback feeds our ambition. Listening to customers is at the heart of our success. Please let us know what you think about what we’ve already done to produce more eco-friendly products, and if you have any suggestions for what else we should be doing in future. CONTACT Clior®.