Accelerating our environmental improvements in 2023

Environmentally-friendly Supplements UK Clior

We did it! In 2023 Clior® moved to 100% bio-degradable compostable packaging across the range of our supplement products! And now this includes not only the bottle container but also the screw-cap lids! We also changed our carton box supplier, to a local UK manufacturer with exceptional eco-friendly credentials. See below for our full green update!

100% bio-degradable bottles and lids!

In 2020 Clior® became one of the first UK supplement brands to launch 100% bio-degradable containers for our Advanced Turmeric and 5-in-1 Joint Care products. In 2023, we added this eco packaging to the rest of our ranges – and we went even further. We managed to produce the same quality screw-cap secure bottle lids in the same material, that is now 100% bio-degradable in normal compost conditions – but still has a full shelf-life when stored as normal at home.

Our eco-friendly supplement bottles and lids break down in just 6 months when placed into regular compostable conditions, to become 100% natural elements – namely CO2, water and compost. Amazing right? And despite these brilliant environmental credentials, the containers are 100% food safety and premium quality. Our containers are certified to ISO 15378 and ISO 9001 standards and are made to GMP standards. The bottles are stronger than PET plastic and will last for years when stored at room temperature and in dry conditions. They only break down once placed in compost conditions – ie. in a warm, moist, microorganism-rich environment.

Retail cartons now locally sourced and carbon-balanced

In 2023 we finally moved to a new supplier of our retail carton outer packaging. Our new boxes are made in the UK at a local factory, reducing emissions on international shipping. But no only that, the material is made using FSC® certified responsibly sourced, uncoated, recyclable card! And even the printing is World Land Trust certified as a Carbon-Balanced Printing facility.

Eco-friendly parcel shipping boxes

The boxes we use to ship your products contain zero plastic – not even cellotape! We use recyclable cardboard postal boxes to ensure your parcel reaches you in perfect condition, without the need for nasty bubble wrap or single-use plastics.

More green initiatives

We’re constantly reviewing everything we do, to understand how we can reduce our environmental impact. As a reminder, we also

  • In 2019 we moved our website servers to a hosting company that is powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Office waste recycling since 2018
  • Since 2020 manufactured using the environmental management system ISO 14001 at our main tablet production facility
  • Since our early beginnings, we have always produced all supplement products in the UK, reducing unnecessary global transport.


Your feedback feeds our ambition. Listening to customers is at the heart of our success. Please let us know what you think about what we’ve already done to produce more eco-friendly products, and if you have any suggestions for what else we should be doing in future. CONTACT Clior®.

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