NEW PRODUCT: All-in-One Multi-Vitamin 100% RDA, easy-swallow, VEGAN

Multivitamin Clior All In One - 3 sides labels image

Most people hate taking Multi-Vitamin tablets because they’re often large, difficult to swallow and taste awful. That’s why Clior® have developed a brand new All-in-one Multi-Vitamin for Adults which which is revolutionary! With no after-taste or odour, our new tablets are just 9mm in size making them super-easy to swallow too.

Each bottle contains a full year supply (365 tablets) of your daily dose of vitamins making this one of the best value UK-made multivitamins on the market.

Each tablet contains exactly 100% of your UK/EU recommended daily intake for adults – NO MORE, NO LESS!

Vitamin A (100% RI)
Vitamin B1 (100% RI)
Vitamin B2 (100% RI)
Vitamin B3 (100% RI)
Vitamin B5 (100% RI)
Vitamin B6 (100% RI)
Vitamin B7 Biotin (100% RI)
Vitamin B9 Folic Acid (100% RI)
Vitamin B12 (100% RI)
Vitamin C (100% RI)
Vitamin D3 (100% RI)
Vitamin E (100% RI)
Vitamin K2 (100% RI)

Clior’s Multi-Vitamin 100% Complete tablets are VEGAN, gluten-free, and contain no unnecessary fillers or artificial bulking agents. Made in the UK in a GMP and ISO accredited facility to maximum safety and quality standards.

Not only that, the bottle packaging is 100% Biodegradable by simply composting it after use.

Read more about the all new Clior All-in-one MultiVitamin 100% Complete tablets for Adults, and order direct from the Clior® website for free UK delivery and the best possible prices guaranteed. 


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