Cambridge Labs becomes Clior®

Clior® UK (previously known as Cambridge Labs UK)

The new year brings with it a new name for UK family run business Cambridge Labs Ltd.

The new name Clior® marks a turning point for the fast-growing health company which will enable it to expand in to new markets – both in the UK and abroad.

Look out for a range of exciting new products set to launch later this year, alongside the tried and tested best-sellers, loved by thousands of customers across the UK, such as Advanced Turmeric and Piperine 3,000mg and ULTRA JointCare+.

2021 will be a landmark year for our company. Customers already love our existing range of specialist supplements and vitamins and I’m happy to confirm we’ll be continuing with these products under the new brand name. We also have plans to add more nutraceuticals to our food supplement range very soon. Alongside these products, we’ve responded to customer feedback and we’ll be launching a brand new range later this year in the cosmeceutical sector. The new Clior® brand sets the foundations for us to become one of the UK’s top premium natural health care brands, focussing on nutrition, health and beauty in the decade ahead. Watch this space for more details later in the year!

Founder and Managing Director of Clior® | January 2021


  • Are your existing product ingredients still exactly the same as before when they were sold with the Cambridge Labs label?
    • YES! Absolutely. We produce them in the same factory, made by the same people, the same ingredients, formulas etc. Everything is identical – except the label which carries the new name Clior®.
  • Why did you change the company / brand name?
    • For two reasons. We wanted to trade mark our name as our business grew to give our customers (and ourselves) protection from would-be opportunists to counterfeit or copy our products. The Cambridge Labs brand became difficult trade mark, which could have affected our ability to operate as efficiently as possible. Secondly, we think the new Clior® brand will suit our upcoming product ranges better.
  • What does Clior® mean?
    • CLIOR = ‘Cambridge Labs Institute of Remedies’.
  • Have you been bought out by / merged with another company?
    • No. We’re the same team, same company, same everything – except our name has changed from Cambridge Labs to Clior®.

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